Grow Lightly News

Grow Lightly is working hard to make sure we can still get our fresh produce to you all.

Many of our lovely volunteers who look after you in our shop fall into the ‘at risk’ category so we are asking them to stay safely at home. There is plenty of produce for all, but with fewer people to help we do need to change how we operate:

The shop on Commercial St will now only be open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 10 – 4pm and Saturday 9am-1pm as usual.

Vegie bag delivery will continue as usual, but be mindful to get your order in early as demand has increased significantly of late.

For all our bulk order customers, it’s business as usual.
We welcome your feedback, will review this process week by week and thank you for your patience as we work to find our ‘new normal’.

Stay safe and healthy all.