About Grow Lightly

What is Grow Lightly? Grow Lightly is many things. It is the Green Grocer in the main street of Korumburra. This is our beautifully appointed space where you can stop for a coffee and a biscuit and catch up with all the chat. Here you can pick up all your fruit and vegies plus a wide variety of other products including bread, eggs, milk, cheese, yoghurt, preserves, frozen berries and so much more. All the goods are locally made and grown with the fruit and vegies coming from less than 60 km away. Each week the growers bring in a wide variety of produce from their backyards or orchards and gardens.

For over ten years, Grow Lightly has been operating our fruit and vegie bag scheme, which supplies weekly bags of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables.  We use a network of volunteers to pack and distribute bags to Gippsland households. With our wonderful soils and great fertility why shouldn’t the residents of this wonderful area have a way of accessing the best that the area produces. Not to mention Low Food Miles. The aim is to give people access to high-quality local food, and to encourage small-scale organic farming and horticulture in the local area.

Grow Lightly is a network of growers who are encouraged and supported to grow food organically to supply to Gippsland locals. Growers for Grow Lightly abide by a Charter. The charter requires that we produce foods of high nutritional value, without synthetic fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides – foods which enhance the health of those who grow and eat them, that we maintain and increase the biological activity in and fertility of our soil, that we use renewable resources, giving priority to those resources produced locally. Further we try to extend the range of locally organically grown foods available in south Gippsland, particularly those grown from open-pollinated seed and we aim to find out more and share our knowledge about food plant varieties which grow well in Southern Gippsland, including native Australian food plants.

Grow Lightly is a not-for-profit, which means that all profits made are put back into the business so that it can continue to serve the local community of Korumburra with fresh, clean local food and to support the farmers and growers of the fresh produce.

So we are a green grocer, vegie bag scheme, network and community and learners of all things sustainable. In short Grow Lightly is all about celebrating Gippsland. Come and join us.