Information for Growers

Information for Growers

Grow Lightly is always on the lookout for local growers.  Our growers list includes people with their own vegie gardens or backyard fruit trees who sometimes have some surplus, as well as larger market gardens and orchards.  All produce is grown organically, according to Grow Lightly principles.

Principles for Growers
Grow Lightly seeks to encourage local food production using organic methods, and by facilitating local food distribution, to reduce the distances travelled by food eaten in southern Gippsland; in other words, to help southern Gippslanders to feed themselves.


Growers of fresh produce for Grow Lightly are asked to:

  1. Produce foods of high nutritional value, without recourse to synthetic fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides – foods which enhance the health of those who eat them.
  2. Work with natural systems.
  3. Maintain and increase the biological activity in, and fertility of, our soil.
  4. Use renewable resources as much as possible, giving priority to those produced locally.
  5. Extend the range of locally organically grown foods available in southern
    Gippsland, particularly those grown from open-pollinated seed.
  6. Find out more and share our knowledge about food plant varieties which grow well in southern Gippsland, including native Australian food plants.