Our growers and producers

We value our growers who provide Grow Lightly customers with foods of high nutritional value. Our growers include people with their own vegie gardens or backyard fruit trees who sometimes have some surplus, as well as larger market gardens and orchards. Our producers are people who deliver bread, milk, cheese and yoghurt, and preserves among others.

Some of our growers and producers are listed below:

Plum Cottage Biodynamic Farm


Cafresco Organics

Blue Tree Honey Farm: On the Blue Tree Honey Farm everything they sell is grown on the farm or sourced locally (within 15 minute drive) and no artificial fertilizers or chemicals are used on the garden. Honey is a blend of local flora and changes with the seasons. They have hives located on the farm and also in the town of Dumbalk (3km away).

Oak and Swan Sourdough

Fish Creek Mount of Olives

Gippsland Mushrooms

Bass River Dairies and Bassine Specialty Cheeses

Fankhauser Apples

Prom Country Cheese

CSM Organics

Kilmorack Farm

Manna Gum Cottage

Ruby Red Farm