Making Local Food Work Event: Your Feedback


Over 170 people attended the Event, of whom more than 18 presented and there were approximately 12 who provided volunteer services to keep the Event functioning.
We received 63 written responses – asking for impressions and responding to the questions about what they would like to see happen next. Twenty five identified as growers, seven retailers, thirteen in community food enterprises, food hubs and community gardens and all ate local food! All expressed a great deal of satisfaction with the organisation of the event, the speakers and the agenda. Several found the event filled in many gaps in their knowledge about local food systems and enterprises.
At least 41 wanted to be involved in continuing partnerships, collaboration and networking through newsletters, and further gatherings, including workshops, farm visits, technical discussions, farm advice and other joint activities.
At least 14 wanted to have similar events run regularly, even annually.
Two wanted to explore the sales of non-fruit and vegie bulk-foods.
Eight wanted to explore alternative methods of food distribution and marketing of local foods, particularly taking account of its potential in the tourist industry.
Six wanted to seek support and assistance from local, state and federal government.
Three wanted information and discussion on sustainable (non-plastic) packaging.
And lastly seven wanted to further explore the Aboriginal messages of Bruce Pascoe and explore traditional and local indigenous foods.

All who provided feedback said that their awareness of local food production and distribution was either maintained or increased as a result of the Event. There was a general increase of awareness overall of 3 points in a 9 point scale for all who responded.

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